Once you have being properly registered and verified, you can begin translation requests. Please access your personal dashboard.

Here, you can see all of the translation requests that have been submitted. There are 2 different categories of translation jobs which you may pick up:

Recommended for you
These are jobs that are in subject fields which you have suggested are known to you.

General Jobs
These are requests which are either “general” or in a subject field other than your chosen ones.

It is recommended that you deal with recommended jobs first as they are well aligned to your expertise and should take priority over general requests.

In the order details you will see the language pairs, word count, subject field, file format and commission. When assessing potential jobs that you could pick up, it is important to only select jobs that you are confident of completing in the estimated deadline. This is the maximum lead time that we allow on projects and delays negatively affect your rating.

Once you have picked up a job, you may begin the translation.

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