Scrybs’ platform uses crowdsourcing techniques to bring a global marketplace of professional translators to our numerous customers. There are distinct advantages to our crowd-sourced solution:

Lower costs: Using a combination of advanced technology and economies of scale, Scrybs is able to provide translations that are well below going market rates.

Easy to use: Our simple and straightforward order management system allows you to place an order in only a few minutes.

Fast: The sheer number of translators operating on our platform enables us to turn requests around in a short period of time.

Continuous service: Given that our translators are based in numerous different times zones, they can process requests at any time of the day, 7 days of the week and 365 days a year!

Diversity of translation skills: We don’t focus on a particular language pair or subject field for our service. This means that we can furnish a number of different requests.

Our API (Automatic Program Interface) completely automates our human based translation process. It allows you to directly request translation requests off of your CMS. Think of it as machine translation completed by professional translators.

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