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With a large community of native speaking and professional translators on board, our services can be called upon for a wide range of uses. When you select your subject field and expertise, Scrybs intricately assigns your request to the most capable individual. From ecommerce websites to fashion, from marketing to travel content, Scrybs will provide. Some of the material that we will translate is:

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A Gateway to China

Not only is China the most populous country in the world but it is also one of the fastest growing emerging economies. Moreover, the Chinese language is not limited to the borders of China. It is spoken in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and in many Chinese communities.


Given the importance of online consumers in a digital age, many companies are focused on the number of internet users in a country. To that end, China has some very impressive statistics. There are over 660 million internet users in China. This is more than the number of users in the next three countries combined. Hence, the opportunity to target Chinese speakers online is immense.


As impressive as the size of the Chinese market is, the number of people who can read English is still relatively quite low when compared to countries in Europe for example. Therefore, having your website or promotional material only in English is severely hampering your strategy for targeting Chinese consumers.

Using a Professional English to Chinese Translation Service

Chinese is a character based language. Characters are made up of two elements. These are the signific (meaning) and phonetic (pronunciation). There are well over 20,000 characters in use currently. It is quite an intricate and creative process to translate a language that uses a latin based alphabet such as English into a character based language. Hence, when it comes to an English to Chinese translation, the need for a professional is pivotal. Similarly, Chinese is also quite diverse. There are different writing styles (Traditional and Simplified) as well as dialects (Mandarin and Cantonese). Our English to Chinese translation professionals will be able to appropriately adapt your material to the right target audience.

Chinese Website Translation and SEO

To reach so many consumers online, a website translation is critical to engage Chinese users. This extends beyond a literal translation of your content. Web content has to be adapted to local conventions and customs. This is commonly known as website localization. Scrybs professionals will help hone your website’s appeal to the intended audience.


Another angle to consider when it comes to Chinese website localization, is Search Engine Optimization. The most popular search engine in China is Baidu with a 70% market share. Hence, it is advantageous to choose a Chinese SEO professional who understands the best way to refine your keyword strategy to meet the local search conditions.

Chinese Ecommerce Localization

In 2015, online sales in China reached $589 billion which makes it the largest market for Ecommerce globally. Compared to US online sales of $350 billion, it is no wonder that there is so much importance placed on being able to sell goods in China. Opening up your online store to Chinese consumers will give you the opportunity to grow your sales exponentially.


Localizing an Ecommerce store is a more intricate and involved process than that of a non-commercial website. Apart from refining the visual storefront to attract Chinese consumers, you have to consider the rest of the user experience. For example, sizing conventions, currency, shipping and consumer support also have to be adapted. Similarly, the methods of online payment in China differ to those in the US and Europe. For example, the biggest online provider is Alipay followed by Tenpay. Therefore, when entering the Chinese online market, it is critical that it is done by a professional who understands all of these unique idiosyncrasies. At Scrybs, our Ecommerce website translation professionals are based locally and know the best strategy for you to reach this lucrative market.

Social Media Translation for Chinese Consumers

If your social media promotional strategy has been focused on traditional mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you may be ill prepared for reaching Chinese users. This is mainly because of a number of factors ranging from censorship laws to user preference. For example, the largest social media platform in China is Tencent QQ. To put this into perspective, there are more users on QQ than Instagram, Twitter and Linked-in combined. Given that 91% of Chinese internet users have a social media account, ignoring the importance of these networks would not be wise. The professional Chinese translators at Scrybs have experience in using all of these networks and running successful social media campaigns. Start trending in China with a professional social media translation today!

Print Material Translation into Chinese

Focusing only on digital media would ignore the importance of print material in daily life. Chinese internet penetration is still quite far behind those of most countries. There are still over 500 million people in China who do not use the internet. Reaching these consumers requires the use of print media. Whether you need to refine your Company promotional materials, or design a completely new strategy, Scrybs’ professional Marketing Translation Services have a solution for you. We also translate a number of other business and personal documents including PowerPoint presentations, business cards, flyers, CVs and much more.

What writing Style and Dialect should I target?

Simplified Chinese writing style differs from the Traditional approach in the number of strokes used. It is much easier to write simplified characters than traditional ones. The simplified writing style was introduced by the government in 1949 in an attempt to encourage the population to become more literate. Although the vast amount of Chinese speakers read the simplified alphabet, Hong Kong and Taiwan still use the traditional writing style. Don’t confuse writing style with dialect or accent. The main Chinese dialects are Mandarin and Cantonese. Cantonese is spoken in Gaundong province, Macau and Hong Kong. With our diverse community of professional Chinese translators, we have solution for your chosen dialect or writing style.