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English to French Translation

With over 120 million potential clients worldwide, a professional translation
of English to French is a pivotal step to reach this international market.

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With a large community of native speaking and professional translators on board, our services can be called upon for a wide range of uses. When you select your subject field and expertise, Scrybs intricately assigns your request to the most capable individual. From ecommerce websites to fashion, from marketing to travel content, Scrybs will provide. Some of the material that we will translate is:

  • Social Media translation
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  • Website translations
  • Documents translation
  • Mobile translation
  • Book translation
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We recommend using Business quality for advanced web content, marketing displays, business reports, presentations, legal or technical documents or app localization.

Considering a French Translation?

For business, French is known to be one of the most important languages to communicate with. From Canada to Switzerland and from Belgium to the Congo, French is a major stepping stone to globalising your business.


Apart from the expansive reach of French native speakers, French is a second language to a much larger audience. For example, in many European countries, French is more widely understood than English. Hence, if your goal is to reach a broader European market, professional English to French translation will help you achieve it.

Importance of a Professional French Translation

Given the great dispersion of the French language, there are a number of different dialects that have evolved through the ages. For example, the French that is spoken in Canada is greatly different from that which is spoken in France. It is for this reason that one should use a translator who understands the particular nuances and neologisms of the local dialect. Similarly, the translator should be fluent enough in English to appropriately adapt a message with the intended meaning intact. This is essential when it comes to brand image and consumer awareness.

Localization of your Website into French

Translating your website or “localizing” it into French requires a unique strategy that adapts not only the content but the entire Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. For example, particular keywords that work well in English may have less search volume when directly translated into French. It is for this reason that and English to French translation of your website has to be done with a creative slant. This is sometimes termed “Transcreation”

French Localization of your E-commerce Store

Over 62% of French online shoppers buy from overseas stores. This implies that your E-commerce store has the potential to markedly increase your international sales when localized into French. Similarly, growth in French E-commerce sales were 15% in the first half of 2015.


Localizing your E-commerce store is more than merely translating the visual storefront, but adapting the consumer experience. Everything from customer service to shipping and meta data (tags and titles) have to be adapted. Scrybs uses professionals well versed in localizing the back end of E-commerce stores.

Translation of Social Media into French

French users are increasingly active on mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In order to most appropriately reach these consumers, you have to adapt your social media campaign to serve a French speaking market. Scrybs has professional translators and content writers who have rolled out successful French campaigns in the past.

Translate your Print Material into French

As companies expand globally, they tend to focus on digital media. However, print material still remains a crucial aspect of global business. Whether the material is being used for B2B or B2C purposes, a professional French translation improves the receptiveness of these materials. These include documents such as Powerpoint presentations, business cards or technical user manuals, Scrybs has a solution for your English to French translation.