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English to German Translation

As the most spoken native language in the EU, a professional English to German
translation of your material is essential to expanding on the Continent.

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Targeting the German Market

Apart from being the most spoken language in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, German is also one of the most learned languages world wide. This is no doubt as a result of the influence of German on global business.


The arguments for a professional German translation becomes even stronger when one considers website content. This is because with a 90% internet penetration, German speakers are quite active online. This is the second highest penetration rate after Japan.


Germans are also quite proud of their language and even if they can understand English, they would prefer if information was presented in German. In fact, according to a Common Sense Advisory study, only 56% of Germans think that global brands can trump language barriers.

Reasons for a Professional English to German Translation

A perfect German translation requires more than just word for word conversions. An understanding of the context in a sentence is pivotal to a professional translation. There are a number of grammatical rules and best practices in German that only a native speaker can relate to. This is usually where machine translations can fall flat and leave your reader displeased. Moreover, a professional translator has to be completely fluent in the source language in order to present content in German with the original meaning kept intact. After all, you don’t want a message to be lost in translation.

English to German Website Translation

Given the prevalence of German speakers online, an English to German translation of your website is essential. This usually falls under the broader industry of localization. When marketing web content to German users, local Search Engine Optimization must also be considered. Are you going to use language specific folders or separate domains? What German search terms are you interested in ranking for? This will help shape the angle taken by our website localization experts.

Localization of your online store into German

German buyers are increasingly making their purchases online. According to a study by AT Kearney, Germany is the second biggest online marketplace after the UK. However, these sales are growing at triple the UK’s current rate. Having an online store translated into German is a great opportunity to tap these lucrative sales.


However, when it comes localizing an online store, there are many considerations to take into account. Apart from merely translating the essentials on the storefront, you have to consider adapting the entire buyer experience. For example, your customer support function has to be able to deal with queries in German and your shipping information has to be updated to take account of the metric system. Our E-commerce Website translation service has professionals well versed in German online sales.

Social Media translation into German

Given the presence of social media today, many businesses are rolling out extensive campaigns to target consumers trough mediums such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. According to a report by Tomorrow Focus Media, German users are particularly active on Social Media. It finds that over half of those polled accessed a social site several times a day. A German translation of your Social Media initiatives will allow you to exploit this captive audience.

English to German Document Translation

Even though we are moving into a digital age, print material is still a central part of our daily lives. Businesses rely on print material for both B2B and B2C purposes. Our professionals can translate PowerPoint presentations, documents, business cards, flyers, user manuals and much more. No matter the discipline, our industry specialists have been hand picked and verified in their respective fields. Your translation is in safe hands with Scrybs.