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The Arabic language is as particular as it is is vast. With 300 million native

speakers, a professional Arabic translation is pivotal to tapping this market.
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The Benefits of an Arabic Translation

As the official language in over 20 countries, Arabic is the 5th most spoken language and is one of the fastest growing in the world. Whether you are looking to expand your business in Dubai or launch a new product in Tunisia, a professional English to Arabic translation is essential.
The Arabic language also forms the basis for many of the words in Spanish and Portuguese (20% by some estimates). It has also influenced other languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi. Hence, a professional translation of your content into Arabic could be an important stepping stone to other languages.

Why a Professional Arabic Translation?0.12An English to Arabic translation is usually quite an intricate process. Given the differences between the Latin alphabet and Arabic script, obtaining the services of a professional is essential. It is also very important to use a translator who understands the different Arabic dialects and local nuances. For example, so diverse is the language that the Arabic spoken in Cairo could be vastly different to that spoken in another region of Egypt. Your translator must also be very comfortable with the source text in order to effectively communicate the message with the original meaning kept intact. Hence, Scrybs approved Arabic translators are fluent in English.

Arabic Website Localization

Translating your website into Arabic or “localizing” it, requires the expertise of a trained professional. For example, the translator needs take account of text expansion (Arabic script often expands English text by 25%) and left to right convention. Both of these characteristics could alter the formatting of a webpage.
Similarly, many images and messages that are acceptable on an English version of a website may broach particular cultural sensitivities in religiously conservative countries. Therefore, the translator may have to focus on “image localization”

Localization of your E-commerce Store into Arabic

With a large population of emerging market consumers, many regions in the middle east provide unique opportunities for you to expand your store’s online sales. In order to make the most of a quality English to Arabic translation, you have to make certain that the entire user experience is localized. For example, not only must the storefront be altered to target the local market but other functions such as customer support and website meta data have to be adapted.


Arabic Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Translation

The leading ways for online stores to reach their target audience is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media.

When it comes to SEO, your optimisation strategy for the Arabic market must be altered. This is due to the fact that many english keywords may not be applicable in the Arabic market. Your translator has to carefully and creatively craft new keywords.

When it comes to Social Media, Arabic consumers have actively embraced Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Scrybs approved translators are well versed in all of these mediums and can effectively adapt your social media

campaign for the local market.


Translate your Print Material into Arabic

Even though digital media is at the forefront of global expansion, one cannot discount the importance of traditional print media. This is especially true in countries that have low internet penetration. When doing business in this market, a professional English to Arabic translation of your print material is essential. This includes business cards, flyers and PowerPoint presentations.

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