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Quality Overview

Even though we value the importance of computing power in our proprietary
systems, all our translations are done by trained human translators.
We want to leave very little to be lost in translation!

We are committed to providing only the best translation quality. We are able to achieve this given our extensive quality control checks such as Advanced translator screening…

We only use translators who are professionals or native speakers for which translation is their career.

We only allow our professional translators to translate into their native language.

All of our prospective translators must complete a translation test before being able to accept jobs.

Our professional translators are placed through additional verification processes.

Our translators are graded after each job, and must meet a minimum standard continually.

Customer reviews are encouraged and we operate a simple rating feedback system.

…and project allocation system.

We carefully allocate translation requests to those with the according technical skills.

We dynamically manage orders such that project delays are almost eliminated.

Customers may elect to use translators who they have previously worked with.

We provide two tiers of quality guarantee* to choose from. It is important to select the quality level that best applies to your type of content:

Ecommerce product descriptions   Recommended  
Social media posts   Recommended  
Internal documents or emails   Recommended  
User-generated content   Recommended  
Web pages, SEO content   Recommended  
Advanced Web Content     Recommended
Marketing displays, brochures     Recommended
Business reports, presentations     Recommended
Legal or technical documents     Recommended
App localization     Recommended

*It is important to note, however, that translation quality is impacted by factors such as content quality and clear instructions. Hence, providing additional comments while submitting a translation assists your assigned translator in assessing the text.

Some examples of pricing for different types of content

Instagram caption

40 words


200 words

Product Description

250 words


300 words

Blog article

650 words


10'000 words