Who are your translators?
Our translators are native speaking and professional individuals based in a number of different countries around the world. Their location is advantageous as it means we can usually furnish client requests 24/7. They have a diverse skill sets and can translate a great variety of material.

How are your translators on-boarded?
All of our prospective translators have to pass a translation test. We have high standards for these tests. Furthermore, our professional translators are placed through additional screening processes. We want to ensure that we only have the best translators handling your content.

These native speaking and professional translators provide different levels of translation quality. You can read more about it here

How do you ensure continual quality control?
Our translators are constantly having their performance evaluated. They are graded by our own internal systems as well by customer reviews. They have to continually meet a minimum standard in order to continue working with Scrybs.

How should I grade my translation?
We ask you to grade your translation out of 5 based on a few criteria. These include speed, accuracy and professionalism. We also encourage you to leave a short description so that we can provide our translators with the most relevant feedback.

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